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We develop the perfect corporate web site for your services


As a result of the evolution of our company and that of the travel industry as a whole, Travelio creates sites that integrate IBE (Internet booking engine) – an application that supports the industry and enables online booking (plane tickets, accommodation, packages, insurance policies). and are examples of such websites based on IBE applications.


We develop the perfect corporate web site for your services

Travelio WEB

Travelio WEB is the name under which we create corporate web sites for your travel offers, with online purchase solutions. If you intend to sell your own products through the web site, your offer can be integrated with the Travelio ERP system through the Online-XML module. And if you resell the offer of a tour-operator or from a GDS, we can integrate it by XML/IFRAME/WHITE LABEL.

Main features:

  • 1. Search engine
  • 2. Extracting and showing
    offers from Travelio
  • 3. Signing in for newsletters
    and Social Media integration
  • 4. Content and banner management
  • 5. News and blog module

Other features:

  • 1. Exports towards Infoturism
  • 2. Integrating the website with
    Travelio ERP or other admin module
  • 3. Integrating other tour-operators
    (Tez Tour) directly from
    the web site.
  • 4. Reports concerning
    the promotional plans developed
    trough Travelio Promo